Paul Middlewood, Fitness Manager for Nuffield Health in Gloucester,

“The RecoPad app is superb, very easy to use and ideal for all fitness centres across the country. Finding serial numbers and sending emails of descriptions to repair services for parts needed takes valuable time that is best used elsewhere. With the RecoPad app you can take photos off your phone and using the touch screen pinpoint the exact pads that need replacing. The app also allows you to easily upload multiple pads from multiple photos in the quickest time possible and once you have completed logging all replacements, simply press send to receive a quote. As a fitness manager of a busy club with 14 PT staff to manage and 4,000 members with high expectations, it’s great to have a service that will ensure that any upholstery needs are met as quickly and efficiently as possible. I would highly recommend downloading this free App.”

James Nee, Assistant Health & Fitness Manager at the University of Nottingham

“The RecoPad app is fantastic, so simple to use and saves so much time. What literally could take a couple of days now takes a mere 15 minutes and you can do a whole gym in one go, which is a lifesaver for someone like me managing two busy sites and some 15,000 members. I used it first at our 100+ station gym on the Jubilee campus, where the equipment is older and more used and it was a revelation. First of all the app is easy to download to your phone and then you’re off; taking pics of the offending areas so that numbered dots appear where the work is required, plus you can add notes per item – and then it’s just send and wait for the quote to come back pretty quickly too.

It used to take me days, as before I had to photograph each piece, download to the computer and then edit and forward multiple times, along with compiling lengthy instruction notes and the need for lots of back and forth emails sorting out colour matches and materials, etc. The RecoPad (it stands for recognition) does all that for you however and makes keeping on top of comfort, aesthetics and any health-related issues associated with damaged pads so much easier. I’ve recently used it to revamp and upholster our larger, 250+ station David Ross Sport Village site on the University Park campus and you can imaging the efficiencies and time saving it brought there too. The repair work itself carried out by Gym Upholstery UK was also top draw as they came in early morning and did it super quick and seamlessly, so we didn’t have lots of downtime and kit out of order.”

Matt Worthy, Fitness Manager of Anytime Fitness in Newbury

“The RecoPad app has been incredibly useful for us here at Anytime Fitness Newbury, as we were simply able to photo everything that required work so both parties would know exactly what work was required. Being able to photo all the necessary repair work meant that Gym Upholstery were able to supply an accurate quote within 24 hours (usually on the day). We organised a date for the technicians to come, they promptly turned up on time and started the work straight away. As this was the first time we had our equipment reupholstered, there was a lot of work required. The technicians were able to do all of it within a day. The work was excellent. Not only did it colour match perfectly but the build quality felt more dense and comfortable, more so than the OEM’s work.  Ultimately the app and company’s quick turnaround meant the task was effortless on our behalf.”

Rick Goodchild, Freedom Leisure in Brighton

“WOW, that uploading app is amazing, so easy!”

Jake Sharpe, Operations Manager of Places Gym in Chesterfield

“The RecoPad app is fantastic, because when you’re managing a busy site, your time is invaluable – and every minute spent chasing around trying to gain a price on reupholstering equipment is time that is better spent with your customers and staff. It’s completely transformed the arduous process of gaining a quote into a quick, accurate and simple task. No more long walks around the facility counting each individual pad, plus the finish they have achieved is outstanding and I would highly recommend Gym Upholstery UK & their RecoPad app.”

Rebecca Cavanagh, Gym Upholstery UK

“RecoPad is an amazing service app that allows our customers to request upholstery repairs with ease. Being on the supplier receiving side of the app and quoting for repairs, it is essential I fully understand the customers requirements. Prior to the app being released, I received emails with lists of serial numbers, machine names and pictures of close up rips making it extremely difficult to understand what to quote for.

The App is easy to use for the customer and provides clarity for myself ensuring an accurate quote is provided.

Whilst the app was undergoing maintenance during early development, the system was down for approximately 1 week. During this time I reverted back to the old email attachments operation and was going back and forth with customers trying to identify their requirements. I realised at this stage exactly how the app has helped me provide a fast and accurate service to my customers and how it has effected the huge growth of our business.

I would highly recommend using the RecoPad app as a tool for both suppliers and gym owners to help boost your company and customer satisfaction.”

Tony Henshall, Gym & Fitness Lead for Brio Leisure in Northwich, Cheshire

“The process from start to finish was very straight-forward and professional.  The app is an excellent tool and easy to follow, allowing the user to quickly highlight the pads needing replacing and removing the risk of errors in communication.  It definitely simplified and sped up what has in the past been a very time-consuming task for us.”

Caroline Galffy, Nuffield Health in East Kilbride

“Thanks for this, I thought the app was great – so easy!”

Styles Percivaldi, Energie Fitness, London Borough

“The app is very easy to use, well done for making the interface so simple.”