About RecoPad

RecoPad is a new, free app for gyms & health clubs to simply upload a photo of their own fitness equipment upholstery needing repair and gain a quotation.

‘RecoPad’ offers ‘tap the app’ functionality whereby Health Club Operators can simply indicate Fitness Equipment Upholstery areas that need replacing or repairing by tapping on their own touchscreen device.

It speeds up the enquiry process by enabling visible parts and colours to be identified – for quicker and more comprehensive quotes – plus it’s uniquely coded using the latest real time app technology and operates on any touch screen mobile device.

RecoPad director Dean Boyle explains: “An initial online app made the admin process extremely slick and simple for both operators & suppliers eliminating any chance of miscommunication, mistaken pad identity and the need for lengthy email descriptors, while the recently introduced downloadable version overcomes internet access issues and signal failures. Suppliers boast of regular and repeat business saying operators actioning essential pad repair (for comfort, hygiene and aesthetic purposes) is no longer the horrible and laborious job they put off. Simply touch the image on screen to identify the problem area and send to receive an accurate quote.”

The downloadable app version now boasts global geographical and locational functionality that knows exactly where you are in the world and can provide details of suppliers that operate specifically in or near your area.

There’s also a new ‘add your own supplier’ facility, so whether you use OEM’s or independent service suppliers it’s a great tool for managers and owners to use their own or multiple suppliers and compare quotes. You can add or remove any supplier from the listing and it will store your preferred supplier for future use.

To enquire about the benefits of supplier inclusion on the app, generating your own leads and personalising the app with your specific company details – email support@recopad.com.